Social media solutions for events & entertainment

Turn your followers into active superfans

Go beyond broadcasting content. Increase organic awareness, engagement and sales with personalized, real-time campaigns.

Personalize the fan experience

In partnership with Spotify, Ticketmaster & Tableau

What do Lollapalooza, Disney, South by Southwest and our other entertainment clients have in common?

They connect their fans with their favourite artists, personalities and industry influencers in real time.

They not only create personal, memorable experiences for fans; they capture their enthusiasm and channel it into all-year engagement for their artists and events.

And with Tradable Bits, so can you.

Lifelong Fan Relationships

Find the most influential fans among your social followers, website visitors and event attendees.

Track their actions across platforms and create detailed personality profiles for each individual.

Active Superfans

In partnership with Ticketmaster

Find the most influential fans among your social followers, website visitors and event attendees.

Put fans in the spotlight and give them more opportunities to share their #love with others.

Mobile moderation guarantees only on-brand content,
whether you're backstage or miles away at the office.

Live Social Displays

Collect, curate and visualize the best posts about your brand, artist or show from every major social network.

Inspire fans to share even more with real-time content on websites, mobile apps, big screens and even on air.

All-Year Engagement

Guarantee constantly fresh content on your website all year round, not just on event day.

Create engagement campaigns that reveal more information about fans every time they interact.

Mobile-friendly microsite / No-code embed / API & SDK

Add value to sponsors by introducing them to your
fans with an already-proven affinity to their brand.

Friend-of-Fan Social Ads

In partnership with Eventbase

Friends introduce each other to new shows, artists and events. Leverage their influence in your ads.

Invite friends of your best fans to buy, watch or listen in real time as their friends engage with you.

Connect with your fans today

Create scalable social experiences for your fans. Keep your website fresh, capture the buzz around your brand and put influencers in the spotlight.

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